Life as I Live It.
In my roaring twenties. Catholic. God's Lady-in-waiting. One of the morals I live by is that we may meet as strangers, but we can share respect and hospitality. There is so much beauty that we haven't seen yet so everyday I aspire to be a diligent observer who appreciate what surrounds me. & I re-blog words that stirs my heart, provokes laughter in me, and pictures that I aspire to draw asap. Keep Calm & Keep Scrolling.
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22 is good too! So thankful for all the people who took the time for personal calls and messages that I really did appreciate plus wall posts bday greets works too :) I say daily mass was a good start and it truly was a blessed outpouring of spontaneous planning of small events from there. I wish I celebrated with everyone I had in mind but there’s always nxt year. Thank you for the love!

p.s. Sky-garutay tnx for making it all happen. Mwah!
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