"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." -Josh Billings & I believe is true of our little fiends Oscar and Max! #Nationaldogday #dogismansbestie #loyal #adorable #familyaddition

Bahaha don’t we look good. Greatful for the friendship we’ve built through the years and all the unforgettable memories. Can’t believe it’s still going strong! Est. since 2007 #transformationtuesday #jaguarnation #primariesalltheway #fambamfriends


Why does God allow pain and suffering? (Leaders, authors, philosophers and theologians explore this difficult question.)

Inspiring video.

"The Christian answer doesn’t actually answer everything particularly when you’re suffering but it is the best one around without a doubt." - Alan Hirsch

Happy 21st to my second-in-command! You are becoming more inspirational everyday. Love you sis @karlacariaga #skyhigh #skygarutay #legaldrinks #21stpartone #goodfriend #beergardenandburgerhouse

When I saw this random post about Catholic weddings it was a reminder to myself if ever there was a good number of guests I invite that are non-Catholic to inform them in a respective manner of the significance of Mass for me and what it symbolizes.

C’mon now whoever this person is just needs to be more mindful and apply more respect to the experience that her friend is going through. Also, to be more informed herself so instead of complaining make it a learning experience and observe a lifestyle she isn’t familiar with.

Luckily, when I gave it a serious thought the possible number of friends that I would seriously invite to share the moment with me that are non-Catholic isn’t really a big number and I can count on them to respect my religion and not grumble about it.

Catholic Parenting

  • Me: So, you guys remember why we celebrate Palm Sunday?
  • 9 year old son: Yeah Jesus rode in on a donkey... (proceeds to tell the whole Palm Sunday story).
  • Me: Uh, yeah exactly...
  • 7 year old son: My favorite miracle of Jesus is the wedding. When he turned water in to wine.
  • 9 year old son: Dude, that's the Wedding of Cana.
  • 7 year old son: Yeah he did it because his Mommy told him to start, and he loves her.
  • 9 year old son: Aaaaaaand that's why we're not Protestant any more.
  • Me: 😮
  • Guys did that just happen?

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